Criminal Law

Criminal allegations made against a person can be very disturbing and stressful. Such allegations are not only a daunting experience but these leave people on the receiving end of such allegations in pieces. Without an experienced legal representative standing up for the individual, they can be left in a vulnerable and anxious state. Here at Baileys Solicitors, we advise and represent Clients at Police Stations and at Criminal Courts from Magistrates to Crown Court. We charge our Client’s very reasonable legal costs for defending or representing them in criminal proceedings ensued against them.

Our firm does not offer legal aid and we welcome any private paying Clients, whether that be for initial or detailed advice or legal representation; and even both where required. If it is possible to do so, we provide fixed legal fees for our Clients and where this is not feasible we charge at our hourly rates. We welcome you to call us if you would like to discuss your case in confidence, whereby you will find both experienced and knowledgeable legal advice and assistance.

Baileys Solicitors also deal with the more complex of cases involving allegations of rape, white-collar crime, robbery, assault (either of a serious or minor nature), public disorder, murder, and manslaughter; However, all work undertaken by our firm is either on the basis of our hourly charges rate or a fixed fee (if agreed), wherever it is possible for us to give a fixed fee.

Why Use Baileys Solicitors?

Why use Baileys Solicitors?

We are a forward thinking firm of proactive solicitors, who deal with matters efficiently and effectively with our charges being very reasonable on all matters. 

Whilst based in Brackley, we are also available in Oxford, and in particular we are competitively priced on all Property matters.

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