Immigration Law is an involved and complex area of Law which is subject to constant changes and therefore it is important that you choose the correct and reliable legal advice to assist you in your immigration needs, without which Immigration Applications can be destined for refusals.  It was said by The Minister, the Lord Taylor of Holbeach, in the debate on 12 December 2012 “I agree with my noble friend that no area is more complex than the whole business of the Immigration Rules and the procedures surrounding them". With this in mind we, at Baileys Solicitors, provide tailored and thorough professional advice whereby we give all Immigration Applications great attention to detail and prepare them with great care and diligence.

Wherever necessary and with our Clients’ authority, we instruct experienced Counsels (Barristers)who are able to advice and represent you in any Immigration Appeal matters at the First or Upper Tribunal of the Immigration Chamber including Applications, Representations and Submissions to the High Court for Judicial Review in any part of the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves in providing high quality advice always ensuring that the Clients’ interests are always put first.

It is imperative that professional legal advice is sought when any Immigration Application is made and that all applications are submitted in accordance with the rules and the current policy guidance of the Home Office to avoid refusals of Applications. Many people fail to realize that refusals frequently occur when Applicants have not had professional or proper legal advice, or had their Applications prepared thoroughly or in an organised manner with adequate evidence submitted to properly demonstrate their status and circumstances.

If your appeal is refused, then there are strict time limits to lodge your appeal. You should seek immediate legal advice in order to ensure that your case is best prepared and is complicit with the Immigration rules. It is also possible to submit further documents to the Entry Clearance Officer for reconsideration, in order to avoid an Appeal Hearing in Court. In the event that the matter proceeds to Court, we can assist in preparing a Trial Bundle on your behalf and present this to the Tribunal. If your Appeal is successful then the Home Office will usually grant the necessary Leave to Remain in the UK or Visa, unless they (The Home Office) appeal the matter further to the Upper Tribunal. In the event that your appeal is refused you may be able to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal on a point of law.

At Baileys Solicitors you have our assurance that you will receive high quality tailored advice, whereby we out your Application or Appeal together with great care. We advise on the following Applications and we have provided wherever possible our fixed competitive professional fees 

Entry Clearance Applications
  • Spouse or Fiancé Visa
  • Parents wishing to join their children in the United Kingdom
  • Children wishing to join their parents in the United Kingdom
  • Visit Visas for Family or as Tourist
  • Adult Dependants wishing to join Family in the United Kingdom 
  • Work Visas
  • UK Ancestry Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Family Members of Point Based Migrants
  • Business and Sponsors who wish to sponsor migrants from outside the EEA.
  • EEA Family Permits under the European Settlement Scheme

Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom
  • Further Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom as Spouse or Children of a British National or someone with Indefinite Leave to Remain 
  • Indefinite Leave (Settlement) to remain in the United Kingdom as spouse or in any other category such as Long Residency
  • European Residents and their Family members under European Settlement Scheme
  • Resident Documents for Non –EEA Family members of an EEA National European Settlement Scheme
  • Permanent Resident of EEA National and their Family members under European Settlement Scheme
  • Applying for British Nationality known as Naturalisation
  • Applying to become a British Citizen
  • Human Rights Applications including Family and Private Life under the Immigration Rules and under Exceptional circumstances

The work will involve:
  • Discussing your circumstances in detail, whereby we take your thorough instructions from you, confirming whether this is the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options may be available to you;
  • Giving you advice about the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether you meet the criteria.
  • Considering the supporting evidence as provided by you and letting you know what other supporting evidence may strengthen your case.
  • Where necessary, helping you obtain further evidence such as medical records/reports and bank statements, including taking statements of any Witnesses.
  • Preparing your Application and then submitting it on your behalf to then UKVI.
  • Giving you advice about the outcome of the Application and any further steps you need to take.

How long will my application take?

We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. Please read the current processing times which will provide further guidance.

We will normally be able to submit the Applications within 4 weeks of you instructing us, but we will let you know at the earliest opportunity if it is likely to take longer than the usual expected time. The submission of the Application will also depend on whether you comply with the Immigration Rules.

Based in the heart of Brackley, Northants, Baileys Solicitors serves private Clients in Banbury and Oxford as well as welcoming instructions from Clients around the whole of the UK.

We pride ourselves in delivering desired results and with our friendly team of Solicitors. We will always aim to meet your expectations and relieve your stress of dealing with the Immigration Authorities.

Baileys Solicitors is a member of Immigration Law Practitioners Association ‘ILPA’ whereby we are constantly updated of Immigration Law changes and how they affect Immigration changes. Our Membership of the ILPA also enables us to be constantly updated on recent and newly decided Case Law and Legislative changes.

Why Use Baileys Solicitors?

Why use Baileys Solicitors?

We are a forward thinking firm of proactive solicitors, who deal with matters efficiently and effectively with our charges being very reasonable on all matters. 

Whilst based in Brackley, we are also available in Oxford, and in particular we are competitively priced on all Property matters.

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