What are the steps when you sell a house?

Our costs and charges cover all the works require to complete the sale of your property and include the following steps once you instruct us to assist with the conveyancing in connection with your sale:

Initial Steps 

We will send you our Terms of Business which will set out details of the costs and charges in relation to your transaction for your signature and would request that you provide us with evidence of your identity, such as your valid passport or driving licence, together with your proof address such as a utility bills which are not more than 3 months old.

You will receive a Property Information Form and Fixtures and Fittings List for you to complete and return to us. It is important that the details provided on these forms are accurate as they will form part of the contract.

Pre-Exchange Steps 

We will obtain your title documents and a copy of the Land Registry title entries direct from the Land Registry (if your title is registered). If the property is unregistered generally the deeds are kept with your lender if not, they should be in your possession.

We will then prepare a Contract package and send this to your buyers’ solicitors, which will include the Contract, Title Documents, Property Information Form and Fixtures and Fittings List that you have completed, any other Certificates and Guarantees which you have provided including the Energy Performance Certificate.

Your buyers’ solicitors will usually raise enquiries and we will draft the relevant replies in accordance with your instructions to us. The enquiries may ask further questions about alterations that have been carried out to the property or clarify issues in respect of the property.

Once the Contract is approved by the buyers’ solicitor, we will endeavour to obtain your signatures in readiness for exchange of contracts.

A completion date is then agreed, and contracts are exchanged. Once contracts are exchanged you are legally bound to complete your sale.

Exchange and Post Exchange  

Once exchange of contracts has taken place, we will obtain a redemption figure (if there is a mortgage over your property) and obtain the Estate Agent’s invoice. We will then draft a completion statement, which sets out all the costs, charges and payments due in relation to your transaction, for your approval.

The buyers’ solicitors will draft a Transfer Deed and you will need to sign this before completion.

We will reply to what are called requisitions on title from the buyers’ solicitors which give final details about the property and our details to send the sale proceeds.

Completion Steps 

On the day of completion, we will receive the sale proceeds, discharge your mortgage (if any) and pay the Estate Agent’s fees. You will receive the balance of the sale proceeds (if any). We will dispatch the title documents to the buyers’ solicitors and the notification of discharge of your mortgage will be forwarded to them once received.

Where a property is leasehold (i.e. a flat or apartment) there will be some additional steps to complete and we will advise you of these during the transaction.

Likely Timescale

How long it will take from your offer being accepted depends on a number of factors. On average it takes between 6 – 12 weeks. It could take longer if there is a chain (a line of buyers and sellers all involved in linked transactions).

If you require further information in connection with the sale of your property please do not hesitate to contact our conveyancing team by completing the form below.

Why Use Baileys Solicitors?

Why use Baileys Solicitors?

We are a forward thinking firm of proactive solicitors, who deal with matters efficiently and effectively with our charges being very reasonable on all matters. 

Whilst based in Brackley, we are also available in Oxford, and in particular we are competitively priced on all Property matters.

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